Fruits of Labor

Finally a proper post of the photo shoot from 2  weeks ago!  We spent the entire day prepping and shooting — 10:00am was coffee and choosing outfits.  By 11 (yes it was a looong process.  Being the good stylist I am,I never throw any good clothes away) we had our outfits and moved on to hair/makeup.  J did the make up, going for very natural and soft looks and I was in charge of hair.  Out came the crimper, hot rollers and curling irons.  My favorite post-shoot quote came from my little sister Hannah when she said, “Lauren’s hair is HUGE good work!”

After hair/make-up and styling was done, we headed to Maymont Park in Richmond.  J and I have shot there before, but let’s just say the results were not quite this good (granted that was 3 years ago…).  The park is gorgeous and sits on a million acres, has a mansion, rolling hills, an animal park, bamboo garden, koi pond, amazing stone steps with a lion’s head statue, and the grounds just goes on and on.  Of course we went on a beautiful Sunday afternoon so the park was teeming with people.  Our “assignment” should we be asked: A shoot for a mag near the west coast.

We shot the majority of the time in the long dresses – individually and together.  We posed on 3 benches outside of the mansion and by a gorgeous flowering tree.  Of course J managed to find random places where light was beaming in (inside a hollow of a tree) and made Lauren and myself pose there.  As we moved through the park, we decided it was time to change outfits.  A favorite thing about o- site outside photo shoots is the ability to change outfits amid a sea of people.  Dresses came up under other dresses and shoes were switched.   Hands down my favorite post- change outfit was Lauren wearing the flowered dress as a skirt, the leopard print top, flip flops, white sunglasses, and hauling the reflector around.  Love her!

Photo credits: J May

Make up: J

Hair/styling: Sydney Page

Models: Lauren, Hannah


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