Slow spell

Sorry for the sluggish posts lately.  There’s been a lot going on lately…

1. Shop RVA.  So I took on a volunteer position to coordinate an interesting meeting for the annual Shop RVA event designed to raise awareness and cultivate a culture of shopping at locally owned businesses.  It’s pretty cool, but pretty time consuming especially as my due dates loom near.

2. My best friend came for the weekend last week and we had a GREAT trip.  she will probably kill me for posting this pic pre-edit but hey, I haven’t gotten the edited ones yet… soo get to work girl!  But we ate loads of Indian food, low cal ice cream with chocolate chips, and of course photo shooted up my sisters and myself.

3.Hellish weeks at work.  Brings to mind a favorite quote from Tina Fey on 30 Rock describing her typical day: “Every day I wake up wondering what fresh hell today will bring.” I just love saying “fresh hell” and it perfectly describes my past 6 months weeks).

4. Planning a trip to NYC!!!!  Ok, so actually my mom is planning, but she has invited my husband and myself to go with her and my 2 sisters and brother.  Family time in NYC, cool no?  She’s created this whole itenery  – food tour in Greenwich, Wicked on Broadway, Times Square, and taking a limo to the airport (only my mom would come up with this one.  It’s like the chocolate fountain at my wedding, totally unnecessary but no talking her out of it).

More regular posts coming soon, promise!


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