Swing Low

I’m about to be one of those bloggers who apologizes for not posting in long time… But at least I have great things to show you for my absence!  My best friend/model/photographer came to visit this past weekend and we did the usual: shopping, Indian food, walking in heels till we had blisters, and eating chocolate chips.

But we also had an amazing photo shoot with my two sisters.  And by amazing, well… these are by far the most gorgeous photos we’ve styled and taken.  I will be posting photos of Hannah, Lauren, myself, as well as duo and trio shots in the very near future.  I am super excited to show them off as they really show how far I’ve come as a stylist/hair and J has come as the photog.

These shots are truly magazine worthy (in my humble most modest opinion).  Have you styled/modeled/shot anything fun recently?

Image shows off my Christmas present – my Balenciaga!  Worn with Aldo heels, H&M jeans, thrifted dress worn as a top, and vintage necklace.   Photos courtesy of my sisters.


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