Blogger Round Up: What Won Me Over

If you are one of those people who take in little details, you may have noticed a few changes around here: the addition of the page Photo’ed – a collection of photos shoots I’ve styled and modeled, updated image inspiration for March, and a slew of new blogs in the Fashion’s Latest In-Vogue Blog sidebar.  I am totally loving each of these and thought I should share what won me over:

Love her simple take on eco-friendly fashion.  I always think of eco-friendly as being dull, rough, and just not cute.  She definitetly turns that on it’s head and comes out with fantastic and eco-conscious outfits.  What won me over ? This goregous shot of her dressed down and comfy with a fantatic huge Balenciaga!

I will admit, I wasn’t completely smitten with some of the outfits I first saw.  I was amused by her constant thrifting and “oversharing” and espeically her sketches of how she wants to re-do her thrifted finds (maybe I can send her my stack of thrifted items waiting to be altered!)  What won me over? This goregous purple skirt!  I am in love with how bright it is and Jentine’s genius of toning the color down with greys and blacks. Just goes to show, never judge a book (or blogger) by their cover!

Gorgeous, quirky, and loves Banana Republic.  She definitetly has uptown prep going on, and I love how chic she looks when she adds her own original touches.  What won me over? This sexy army outfit that totally looks like something my best friend would rock.  I’m jealous that Bre can carry off minis, camo, and Chanel!

While I love the young among us, they do not always have the most sophisticated styles.  Sure they can pull off daring and neons, but what I love about Lucy is her unique take on those trends that translates so easily into every day wear.  This one is easy.  What won me over? Lucy’s elegant and ladylike style that transitions easily from Fashion Week to the Vogue offices.  She has a great style that I hope to emmulate as the years go by (aka becoming more fabulous).

I hope you check out all these fantastic ladies!

Images courtesy of each blogger’s own website.  Click on the links with their names!


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