Pose a Pretty Picture

You’d think setting up a photo shoot would be relatively easy.  But no.  Things actually get quite complicated (this coming from a girl who mainly listens to the woes of a real model/my best friend/photographer instead of actually dealing with all the complications).  At least the things I have to worry about when we do our shoots is mostly fun things — hair, make up, clothes, finding locations, Googleing pretty pictures for inspiration (ok, so she does a lot of that as well).  One of the last things we needed to plan for was something that surprised me a little — posing!  This is one of the most underrated and difficult things about a photo shoot (even posing for pictures for blogs).  You totally just have to let go and forget the camera is there and act, have fun, and let the inner diva come out.  So here are the current inspirations for the poses we are thinking of.  Of course my sisters and I will be shot separately, but since we will have similar but different hair, make up and clothes, we will also be shot together in groups of 2s and 3s.  Can’t wait to share them!

What do you think of the posing?  Going for soft, feminine, and not an easily forgotten photo.

Images sent via JMay


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