Sunday Chic: BlackGreyBrown

Black, grey, brown oh my.  Loving anything that reminds of me a chic European girl.  As promised, here is the first of my weekly outfit shots.  If you’re new to Chic Stripes, I made a New Years resolution to showcase more of my personal style here at CS.  I’ve accomplished that so far with a 31 day challenge that involved taking a daily photo of each outfit I put on.  Harder than it seems, but I loved it.  Also promised that I would keep it up with a weekly post of my Sunday outfits along with a break down of where I got certain items and what inspired me to put them together.

Here I’m wearing what I’m starting to think of as my daily outfit: black with stand out neutral pieces.  Neutral can be anything from cream, beige, brown, grey, or blush.  I usually start with one item I feel like wearing, today it was the swingy grey top gotten second hand from Old Navy.  I’m partial to layering lately as it’s so easy to stay warm but add interest to any outfit with a few different layers.  Finally my staple dark jeans and the Nine West brown boots.  The chunky heel lets me dress up an otherwise casual outfit and I’ve worn these to death this fall/winter.  Lastly, I tend to go with less is more approach to accessories (sometimes) and this was definitely one of those times.  All the outfit needed was an ivory bracelet gotten from my grandmother to top of the neutral look I was going for.

So that’s it, first day of of the new Sunday Chic posts.  What do you think?  As always, feel free to share your own weekly outfits with me at  And keep a look out for my new posts every Sunday morning as I get creative and attempt to channel my inner SJP.

Images courtesy of my husband


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