Fashion Week is On

New York fashion week is here.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t cover anything here (like when I missed all the Milan and Paris shows..opps).  I’m currently insanely jealous of all the people in New York right now, but at least I know with my favorite bloggers and other new sources there in attendance that coverage will be more than adequate.  Check out the below links for all the up to the minute news and fun contests on  NYFW!

Tumblr Fashion Week – Tumblr invited several of my favorite bloggers to come together and do coverage for them during Fashion Week.  Check it out for updates from bloggers and fashion websites like The Cut.

Trivia Games – B. Jones of B. Jones Style posted about a fun trivia game played via twitter or text. – THE place for runway shows and info

Fashion Feed – off shoot of  Mix between the Drudge for fashion and The Cut

The Cut – my all time favorite summary of all fashion related news and images.  Funny to boot.

A faves, more to come.  Till then stay fashionable.


Image courtesy of Urban 1972


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