31 Day Challenge: Last 2 Days

As I’m sitting down to write this post, I’ve realized that I’ve actually only taken outfit pictures up to day 30.  Somehow I forgot that with Monday being the 31st, that it was still a part of January.  Live and learn right.   You’ll just have to guess on what I wore that day.  But here they are, the last 2 outfit pictures of January.  See here for the intro, Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4 in case  you missed any!

Day 29 – Saturday. This was all about casual, laid back, chic.  Anything black and brown feels like Europe to me and so I love it.  Paired with vintage thrifted earrings and hair pulled back into a messy bunch, I went through the day feeling like a chic French/American girl.  Outfit details: top, Banana Republic; cardigan, Old Navy via Platos; jeans, H&M; boots, Fergalicious; earrings, thrifted; headband, Target.

Day 30 – Sunday.  I often ask my husband when I put together outfits if they look ok, look weird, or just look off.  I will change an outfit if he says it’s boring or just doesn’t look right.  But when he says, “That looks like somthing someone in New York would wear,” I know I have a winner. I started this outfit off by pulling out an old leather skirt I thrifted.  It’s just on the right side of ugly/different for me to love it, and when paired with a simple T and classy cardigan it makes it downright demure.  The grey ankle boots keep it from boring and of course the 4 inch heels make me that much taller. Outfit details: t-shirt, Forever 21; cardigan, Old Navy via Platos; red leather skirt, thrifted; boots, Amy Michele via Plats; ivory bone necklace, vintage from my grandmother.

The past month has been fun, hard, annoying, liberating, creative, frustrating, and overall revealing.  If I learned anything it all, it was to fall back on the clothes that I love, the things I think are awesomely ugly, the things that have character, and the things that remind me of me.  It can be too easy with fashion to fall into what everyone else is wearing, to run with the trends, and to just get careless.  When I started putting more attention itno what I wore, I felt better, I knew I looked better, and I felt a sense of pride in what I wore.  Maybe that”s silly, but i like it.  And I want to keep it up.

I find that Sundays have become my better days for creative outfits since I don’t have work, or other things limiting what I can wear.  A goal for the New Year was to feature more of my personal style here on Chic Stripes and one way I want to start doing this is with a weekly post of Sunday Outfits.  If I had the liberty and freedom in my daily schedule these are examples of how I would dress every day.  So I hope you enjoy them, I know I certainly will.

Images courtesy of my husband who is SO glad it’s now February


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