Travel by Tory Burch

One of my guilty pleasures is flying.  Even when the recent x-ray scans were introduced I asked me husband if he wanted to fly over Christmas.  He said a resounding no and I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.  I get excited about the drink cart and the mini bags of peanuts pretzels and other non-allergic snacks.  I love leaving somewhere and be somewhere entirely different over the course of a day or two.  Airports are a maze of fun new shops, unnecessary trinkets, and overpriced bagels.   But it’s travel, so it’s OK to splurge!  I would so be in trouble if I traveled for a living…although maybe then I would have an expense budget…   Anyway.  I don’t fly enough for my tastes, but I have been to my fair share of exotic locales (Hong Kong, China, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii).  My main dilemma of traveling to places like these, however, is managing to look chic in the midst of the fish markets/deserts/deserted islands, etc.  As much as I love experimenting with clothes, let’s face it, the most fabulous get ups are not the most practical (let’s all image Rachel Zoe or an Olsen in the midst of a desert).

Enter Tory Burch.  She’s created a section on her website called “Tory’s City Guides” featuring lovely ladies wearing her clothing in exotic locales.  Ok, where do I sign??  Lindsey from Saucy Glossie recently did a feature in Mexico with an abundance of clothes from Tory Burch that apparently WERE chic and functional while she traveled.  I could easily see myself wearing her items in an African village or traipsing through a jungle.  I’ve created a look book of some of my favorite items, adventure ready.  Which are your favorites?

I was surprised by the wear-ability of her clothes.  Of course she has a lot of sparkly items, fully of sequins and silk, but Ms. Burch is one of the classically practical designers and I have to say, I admire what she’s done so bring on the deserts, seas, and first class flights!

Check out the full City Guides here.

All images courtesy of Tory Burch


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