Model Fave: Giovanna Battaglia

Model: Giovanna Battaglia

Stylist: Keegan Singh

Eddie Borgos Spring 2011 Lookbook

The women in the above shoot is captivating, beautiful, and an easy target for the camera.  What I didn’t realize when I chose her for a new feature in Model Fave is that she is THE Giovanna Battaglia – THE favorite street style woman to snap – THE featured Dolce and Gabbana runway model – THE woman for all things fashionable.  One look at the image as they popped up on the web and I remembered where I had first seen her: The Satorialist.

The interesting details:

  1. Fashion editor at L’Umo Vogue
  2. Dates the son of Carine Roitfeld
  3. Is the former Dolce and Gabbana house and runway model
  4. She is one of the Satorialist’s favorite subjects for her ability to re-wear and reinvent a multitude of personal looks.

Here are just a few of my favorite looks of hers:

I hope you haven’t been too hard to convince that she is a truly modern style icon.  She joins the ranks of Carrie Bradshaw and Jane of Sea of Shoes in my book as someone who embraces a fearless, eclectic, and always fun way of dressing.

Images courtesy of Fashionologie, Rdujour, Maydele, Ana’s Choice, and Modern Muse.


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