31 Day Challenge: Week 4

The final full week of my 31 Day Challenge has just ended.  Only 2 more days left to document and I’ll have done it!  You can check everything out from the beginning here with: week 1, week 2, and week 3.  This was a fun week for me, fashion wise.  I explored more with things I wore, channeling the 70s, dresses, and blazers.  It felt like a week of “Sydney” clothes finally – me dressing and wearing what I wanted not just what I thought would blend in with the environment.  Good girls rarely blend in…  On to the outfits!

Day 22 – Saturday. Casual but pulled together is the look I’ve been going for lately.  In my search for a more adult wardrobe, I’m loving crew cut sweaters with interesting details, lots of cardigans, easy to wear dresses, and of course boots.  You see I wear these boots almost daily because they go with a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g, but I’m in desperate need of some boot variety.  I’m keeping an eye out for riding boots in grey suede or black, all of course that are chic, comfy, and fashionably interesting.  Any ideas out there?  Outfit details: lace sweater, Forever 21 via Platos; jeans, H&M; boots, Aldo; nails, OPI.

Day 23 – Sunday. This is another one of my “ugly” sweaters that I can never bear to part with.  I figured today was the perfect day to pull it out.   If you’ve followed any runway shows (or even just read InStyle) this season, you know wide leg trousers and 70s details are in.  In all it’s brown/pink/blue striped details and with the pale blue bell bottom jeans, I’ve got 70s down.  The red vest and modern bag (how I love Balenciaga!) keep it from veering too far into looking like I’ve stepped out from another decade.  What do you think?  Are you giving the 70s another change this season?  Outfit details: sweater, thrifted; tank, H&M; vest, thrifted; jeans, Gap; boots, Nine West; bag, Balenciaga.

Day 24 – Monday. Looking back over the weeks, I can start to tell that my work ensembles look like a slightly less out there J. Crew catalog, and for good reason, most of the basic items I make my outfits come from the preppy stores of J. Crew and Banana Republic.  Even the most hipster-indie-fashion lover out there can find something they adore at one of these stores.  I find they are perfect for work and then just layer them up with statement jewelry or shoes.  Anyone else love and try to dress like they came out a J. Crew catalog?  Outfit details: dress, Banana Republic; cardigan, Old Navy via Platos; tights, Target; boots, Aldo; necklace, J. Crew.

Day 25 – Tuesday. Not seen in this picture are the pearl studs I added and how I ended up throwing my hair in a quick, youthful poof.  What you can see is that I am in a terribly bad mood.  This week took everything out of me, work wise, and it was only Tuesday.  The most I can say about this is that I love this sweater.  I have a thing for ugly thrifted sweaters as they easily add character to an outfit.  As long as you are confident in whatever you wear (even the 70s sweater from Day23) I am a firm believer than you can pull it off.   Outfit details: sweater, thrifted; tank, H&M; pants, Banana Republic; boots, Aldo.

Day 26 – Wednesday. I am really starting to love bright colored clothes.  A few years ago I would have decidedly turned my nose up at this lime green cardigan.  In fact, I think I tried one on in this color about 4 months ago and decided it was too bright for my tastes.  One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to take more chances, network professionally, and really go out and get myself noticed.  And I’m thinking that, if nothing else, a lime green cardigan, and other pops of color, will at least get me started.  Outfit details: white top, Banana Republic; lime green cardigan, Old Navy via Platos; pants, Banana Republic; heels, Jessica Simpson; necklace, New York and Co.

Day 27 – Thursday. Nothing like a little vintage to liven up another wise not so noticeable outfit.  The pieces themselves are great – sweater, cropped pants, flats.  But when I look back at this outfit, they seem a little too flat, a little too typical.  Thank goodness I pulled out a stack of my grandmother’s vintage bracelets to go with this.  The constant jangling and color pops (green and florals) gives it just the right fashion edge to make it perfect.  Outfit details: sweater, Banana Republic; cropped wool pants, Express via Plato’s; flats, Aldo; bracelets, Jade and assorted vintage from my grandmother.

Day 28 – Friday. Friday at last.  I had to conduct a meeting and held multiple interviews today, so despite it being casual Friday, I still needed to have a professional air about  me.  I love this blazer which I found at a thrift store.  It still has slight shoulder pads.  I can’t decided if I want to cut them out or not, as they aren’t’ 80s style.  For this look I rolled the cuffs up to keep it modern and paired it with neutral bracelets that seemed to make everything come together.  Outfit details: silk top, Banana Republic; jeans, H&M; boots, Aldo; navy blazer, thrifted; assorted bracelets, thrifted and World Market.

Only 2 more days are left in the big challenge.  I have really enjoyed doing this as I feel like I have put more thought into what I wear, have been more creative, and have pulled out my long forgotten, but dearly loved, vintage clothes.  I can’t wait to add more unique items to my wardrobe.  Stay tuned for the last two days and an exciting reveal on how I am going to keep this challenge going all year. 

Images courtesy of my husband who is very glad this month is almost over.  I “stress him out” with all the picture demands…Love you!


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