Work it Girls

Since I last posted the weather has gone from rainy, to a sudden downpour of snow and ice, to abundant sunshine, back to snow flurries, and now a steady drizzle of rain.  This is completely not conducive to work of any kind.  In fact, I’ve spent the last 48 hours either sleeping, working out, working (gotta work to eat) and reading (The Hunger Games which is a quick, but totally enticing fun read!).  I figured revisiting some beach photos might cheer me up, or at least bring me more focused  on blogging, fashion, styling, etc and the upcoming shoot that is planned for March.

These two gorgeous girls are none other than my sisters, Lauren and Hannah.  My best friend-model-photographer J and I did a shoot with them last fall featuring lots of beachy/woody themes.  We wandered around the bamboo in my parent’s back yard, shot on dock with crab pots for a background, and ventured out to a nearby beach for some in the water and sand shots.  Just because it was November didn’t mean we weren’t gonna get some good photos.

Of course I was the stylist/hair dresser/reflector holder while J was the make up artist/photographer.  Together we make the best team.

My favorite look that I styled for Lauren would have to be the dock pictures with her hair poofed (pre-Snooki fame) and tied back in a loose pony with those gorgeous green earrings bringing out her eyes.  For Hannah, I absolutely loved the idea of having her wear just the short blue trench with long curls.   The bare feet and deserted road way cap off the styling.  The true star though is J, of J May Evolution, who shot these images.  She’s a truly talented photographer who brings a fresh new perspective to every shoot we do.   Even if my sisters and I do end up being her guinea pigs (a lot), at least we’re guaranteed fun and a lot of great pictures.  Check out the rest of her work here!

Images courtesy of J May Evolution


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