Celeb Week: Guiliana (and Bill)

Every woman needs a few pairs of really high wedge- heel shoes.  I hate flats and live in heels — Giuliana Rancic

A quote from my favorite reality TV persona.  I LOVE Guiliana and Bill.  If you haven’t heard (or seen yet) Guiliana is the host of E! and Bill was on the Apprentice.  They fell in love and live in LA AND Chicago, have more money 2 people can stand, are trying so so hard to have a baby (IVF, miscarriage, egg retrieval procedures, etc), and are incredibly funny and down to earth (or so the TV would have me to believe).  They are just so cute together.

A fashion disclaimer here, Guiliana doesn’t take a lot of fashion risks or wear “weird” fashion clothes, but she’s gorgeous, has an incredible wardrobe, and has that great LA rocker/girly vibe going on.  Plus she’s funny, sarcastic, and lets the cameras take pictures of her without makeup.  This is one great gal.

Casual style

Event style

Any other fans of the casual laid back LA vibe?  It’s perfect for a town that’s always on the go.   I like a little more “rough” look, but love her sleek and styled outfits for nights out.

Images courtesy of Show Patrol, Star, Talking Make Up, E, and Style.com


2 thoughts on “Celeb Week: Guiliana (and Bill)

  1. I prefer laid-back over buttoned-up corporate any day of the week. But I can’t rock those heels daily. Just the idea of it…ouchie ouch!

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