The Third Olsen


Elizabeth Olsen

Photo: Mark Abrahams for V

Elizabeth Olsen is set to make her mark, staring in a spread for V magazine and being named as part of the “New Hollywood” along with a bevy of other young mostly unfamiliar faces.  She has a line of vegan shoes, but will be a more public face as the star in a new indie drama series.  One can only hope the fashion gene is in her as well. 

She has the face for fashion and you can certainly see the resemblance to her sisters.  There aren’t a lot of pictures of her as of yet, but I am definitely keeping my eye out for them as I’m fairly certain she will be papped, maybe even more so than her sisters, at least at first.  Ready for another Olsen to hit the scene?  It will be hard to combat the twins staying power and sense of fashion, but I hope that she can make a name for herself outside of MKandA. 

Images courtesy of The Cut and Fun47


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