31 Day Challenge – Week 1

At the end of December I posted here about my 31 day fashion challenge: documenting my outfits every day for the month of January.  Since my computer is on the fritz, which also puts my camera and Photoshop out of commission, I’m taking them via my husband’s iPhone (he claims his is better than mine) and posting a week at a time.  So without further ado, my style for the first week of January 2011:

Day 1: Saturday –  I spent the first day of the New Year driving down to my mom’s housing, running errands for her, thrifting, and helping put away 8 massive boxes of Christmas decorations.  I love this mustard yellow color and since the weather was relative mild, I wanted something breathable and casual.  The outfit didn’t quite pop like I wanted until I added the biggest necklace I could find.  Outfit details: tank, forever 21; cardigan, Old Navy via Platos; jeans, Arden B.; flats, Urban Outfitters via Platos; necklace, unknown via Platos; ring, H&M; nails, Siberian Nights OPI. 

Day 2 – Sunday.  Slightly dressy outfit for church going.  I’ve always attended places that are fairly casual, but I do like to put effort and class into a Sunday outfit.  I thrifted the gorgeous pale silky shirt the day before with my sister who immediately turned her nose up at it and which my mom said it looked like something she would wear.  Lately I’ve been loving lose silky tops that don’t have a lot of shape to them, but when paired with skinny pants, it’s instant chic.   Outfit details: silk shirt, thrifted; jeans, H&M; boots, Nine West; bag, DC boutique; snake skin cuff, Unearthed.                                                          

Day 3 – Monday. First day back at work.  I was forced to really think about the clothes I wore to work.  They need to be comfortable, easy to move in, but also fashionable, and, for this purpose, something I would post.   My first attempt was definitely NOT something I would want to share with you lovely readers, meaning it was embarrassing to think I would have worn that to work last year! I’ve got a lot of work wardrobe improving to do.  Outfit details: silk top, Banana Republic; blazer, Forever 21; pants, Banana Republic; heels, Jessica Simpson; necklace, bought at the Festival of India.   

Day 4 – Tuesday.  Today held coffee with a friend and then work.  I probably should have investigated the coffee spot a little more as my heeled boots with witch toe points were a little out-of-place in Cartwheels and Coffee, a coffee place designed for young moms with babies, complete with play places for the young tots.  I was surrounded by Uggs, leggings, and babies crawling everywhere but at least I knew I was the fashionable one!  I also felt very chic and ready to tackle my work day in this outfit.  Outfit details: top, Gap; cropped pants, H&M; boots, Aldo; snake skin cuff, Unearthed; flower studs, thrifted. 

Day 5 – Wednesday.  Hard to believe, but I was getting tired of wearing heels, so this outfit was based solely around the pants and a chance to wear flats.  I got both of these staples at Plato’s Closet (a name brand thrift store essentially) and have worn them to death.  Seriously, I am in love with this sweater’s orange color, high neck, and sheer ruffle detailing along the neck and hem.  The silk leopard print lining of the pants doesn’t hurt either.   Outfit details: sweater, J. Crew via Platos; herringbone wool cropped pants, Express via Platos; flats, Aldo; brackets, bought at the Festival of India. 

Day 6 – Thursday.  Today I was rushing from work to a community group with our church, so I wanted an outfit where at least 1 detail could transition over to the night.  My favorite mustard yellow color makes an appearance with this wool sweater (my husband swears it’s ugly and I claim that means it’s fashion), for night I switched out dress pants for jeans, the dressy necklace for a chunky gold pendant, and the heels for the Nine West boots from Day 2. Outfit details: sweater, thrifted; pants, Banana Republic; heels, Aldo; necklace, J. Crew.                                                                    

Day 7 – Friday.  Casual Friday!  Wearing jeans to work somehow makes the day seem much easier and gets me in the mood for the weekend.  My favorite L.A. boutique Lava closed up a few years ago, but I managed to work quite a lot of their inventory into my wardrobe before then.  The boots were a Christmas present from the husband 2 years ago and while they are getting quite beat up, I wear them almost daily.  This necklace was love at first sight; I adore anything turquoise that reminds me of Arizona.  Outfit details: sweater, Oliva from an L.A. Boutique; jeans, H&M; boots, Aldo; necklace, thrifted. 

So there you have it, my first week of outfits for 2011.  It’s a fun challenge, if not exactly that.  I have a lot of very impracticable, but fun, clothes in my wardrobe which don’t get the chance to be worn too much (outside of weekends and nights out).  My first instinct was to go shopping so I could have things to wear, but after shopping my own closet, I’ve been able to pair items together in ways I haven’t in the past.  It should be an interesting next few weeks.  Have any of your taken on a new challenge for January?  Do tell!

All images courtesy of my very patient and humoring husband


4 thoughts on “31 Day Challenge – Week 1

  1. Just fabulous!
    I love the necklace in day 1, the top in day 2 is a wonderful color, love the top and necklace in day 3, love those pants and your pose/position in day 5, and day 7 I want to steal your whole outfit! I gota get some boots like that!
    Looking chic S!


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