Tracking the Days

Calendars are all the rage again.  Between Karl Lagerfeld’s 2011 Pirelli calendar and the Vogue Paris 2011 calendar featuring the gorgeous Daria Werbowery, a girl might have a hard time choosing which paper she wants to X out the dates on. 

Karl’s calendar portrays women as goddesses, literally taking goddess from Greek mythology and having a muse portray them.  Anja Rubik is Hermes.  Julianna Moore as Hera and Iris Strubegger as the mightly Athena.  Mr. Lagerfeld did not leave out the gentlemen, whom he had posing as various Greek gods in all their glory. He does striking up close shots of his muses, but my favorites by far are the half-full body poses.  The women just look so strong.  There is certainly no denying a women caring a bow and arrow (check out the Daria Werbowy shot – yes, she’s in this one too!).  

The Vogue Paris calendar features a different sort of goddess beauty – one that is raw, feminine, and totally captivating. 

I think I have a new found love for the calendar.  Which one might find itself hanging on your walls this upcoming year?

Images courtesy of Fashion Rising and The Cut.


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