Expect to Hear Music

Alber Elbaz  on himself:  “Some days I feel like a piano: kind of short, always in black & white, always expected to produce music.”

Like most fashionistas, I love collaboration lines.  There is just something about a cool fashion name pairing up with Target or H&M for (semi) affordable versions of what they’re famous for.  The fashion girl in me wants them all in my closet.  Dramatic dresses, completely nonfunctionable shoes, funky t-shirts, short skirts.

When but when in God’s name did they get so expensive??  I suppose the bigger the name the bigger the price tag cheap stores like Target and H&M can commend, but I swear it’s making me poor.  And I blame Jimmy Choo.  If there was no Jimmy Choo for Target, there would be no Lanvin.  And if there were no Lanvin the clothes would still be cheap (albet it not nearly as covetable and timeless).

Check out the video below for all the full fledged Lanvin drama.  LOVE the shoe scene, the older woman and the 20s girl in matching yellow dresses, and the “dueling” LBDs.

November 23 expect to find me at H&M, peering in the windows for the mustard yellow one shoulder ruffle dress, the navy blue dress, the multiple to die for LBDs, and of course the wrap around ankle heels.  Ok, and that cute t-shirt, heck, throw the cheap looking jewelry, it’s Lanvin right??

(I’m serious about the dresses though.  Stock up now or pay double on Ebay later).

Images courtesy of The Cut, Fashionologie and Youtube


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