CoCo’s Big Mistake

She decided blue jeans were horrible. – Karl Lagerfeld.

No huge surprises there from one of the most recognizable names in fashion.  I love my jeans when I find a good fit, but there is something nice about having a closet full of girly dresses, tailored trousers, and chic skirts.

But from someone who famously borrowed from the boys, it seems quite a contradiction to eschew jeans entirely, an item that is all boy.  As a fun way to think about kick starting your weekend wardrobe, how do you plan to work your jeans?  Do you do a modern update them to fit into Coco’s timeless glam, do you hate them altogether and are you a total dress girl?  Or are they your daily staple?  And if you know a great place to buy jeans, do tell, as jeans shopping is every girls worse nightmare.

Image courtesy of Pistol Etiquette and The Cut


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