King of Cool

Shocking as this may sound, there are quite a few occasions where I don’t get dressed up and I am left scrambling around my closet trying to find something appropriate for quickly running errands (I am NOT a heel wearing errand girl) or a date night at the arcade with my husband (what the HECK do you wear to an arcade???)  That’s where T by Alexander Wang comes in.  Perfectly perfect casual wear that isn’t boring or looks like it is in everyone else’s closet.  Seeing as how Mr. Wang is the king of cool anyway, his basics need to be in my closet now.  And his T by Alexander Wang offshoot label is the perfect way to get some of those fashionable aesthetics at a reasonable price.

I loved the ruched skirt on the  middle model.  It’s the perfect casual piece that can be paired with flats, boots, or even sneakers.

Also in love with the shirt on the left model.  I need basics (I’ve got the sequins, leather knee high boots, maxi skirts and shoes galore), but my closet is sorely lacking in those everyday grown up basics.  Christmas wish list anyone?

Images courtesy of Jeremy Dante


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