Black cropped jeans, where are you?  Ah, found you.  Blue button down?  No…try the red sweater.  Ooh I like.  Ok, shoes. Heels?  Ick, snake-skin flats, yes.  Chunky necklaces, the black and grey is good for fall.  Hmm…Looks too put together for a causal day.  Switch to white button down, roll the sleeves.  Mussed up hair, perfect.

This is my typical thought process on getting dressed every single morning.  The only part you are missing out on would be a video of me changing clothes approximately 10 times and throwing each discarded item on the bed leaving a huge pile for me (or my husband) to clean up later.

Enter: the STYLIT.

A styling book where you can literally plan out your wardrobe.  Each book comes with customizable days and dates for you to write in yourself (meaning it can be used all year round).  Every day is “ characterized by a underwear-clad STYLIT girl, she is there for you to write down all your ideas of what to wear for day and night.” You can sketch, draw, write down lists or even create your own designs.  This is absolutely perfect for someone like me who plans ideas in my head waaay ahead of time.  It would also make an adorable gift for a high school girl (think my little sister who writes down her list of schools days with corresponding outfits and sticks the paper up on her wall).

This ingenious idea was created by B. Jones of B. Jones Style.  She has a unique style of her own that mixes more androgynous looks (think boyfriend jeans, long skirts, chunky boots) with classics like blazers, tunic tops, and sparkly jewelry.  I honestly can’t get over how adorable the STYLIT is.  My girlfriends better watch out, Christmas is coming!

What do you think of the STYLIT?  Would you use it?  Do you already have a method for getting your outfits down or do you use my tried and true (albeit messy) method of donning and discarding?


Images courtesy of B. Jones and you can buy the STYLIT here


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