The September Issues

I’m so behind on my September magazines.  I’ve had every intention of going out and spending my hard-earned money on some glossies, but I just haven’t gotten around to it.  Here is a list of the mags I’m craving now for fall and why.  Which ones are you planning on snapping up?

September 2010 – Vanity Fair

Disclaimer on Lady Gaga: I don’t particularly like her.  I think she’s extremely weird and on the brink of having some sort of break down.  I’m addicted to her tracks for working out.  I don’t believe she’s a “fashion icon.”  But I LOVE this cover.  The editorial pictures  (while disappointingly too few) are amazing.  What grabbed my attention was the overall nude look of the cover, the neutral face, blush eyeshadow, grey nails, and that amazing hair color.   This cover just begs to be in frame in my future office.

post edit: I just found this mag at the library for 25 cents!  So glad I didn’t pay that $4.99 price.  And you must immediately check out the pics of her in Alexander McQueen.

September 2010 – British Vogue

Ok, another disclaimer.  I haven’t always been one of those obsessive Kate Moss fans, but there is no denying her powers as a model.  She’s quite simply an icon and one of her alluring factors is her ability to be a different model.  Her faces changes, she does different poses, she works hard.  Having a best friend who is both an amazing model and photographer, I appreciate a girl who can move like Moss does.  And of course when I’m in front of the BFF’s camera, I’m also keenly aware of how hard it is to work your body into those great poses.  It’s something that is natural I think, but I know those girls work hard to nail it.  Kate has a great editorial, love the paint chip photo.

September 2010 – Elle Uk

This is the perfect cover for a Fall issue.  Black lace, dramatic in your face hair, what more can you ask for?  I also adore Emily Blunt (remember her in The Devil Wears Prada?).  She’s also a great cover girl because, while she’s an actress and not model, she’s not an overly featured actress, so there is no panty-flashing, cocain-snorting, jail-bait stories she’s trying to cover up.  Plus she’s gorgeous.

September 2010 – Marie Claire

Being an absolute Olsen fan I couldn’t resit but posting ALL three of Mary Kate’s amazing covers.  I honestly wasn’t too fond of the last 2, but staring at them repeatedly over the last few weeks since my husband brought home the military  jacket cover as a surprise, I’m totally loving all of them.  They are so trendy, wearable, and yet a touch of only an Olsen could wear it.  I need to get the other two before they’re gone.

What do you think?  Any good covers I need to add to the shopping list?

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Images courtesy of Vanity FairCover Awards, Art8Amby,


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