The New Pricisilla

A few weeks ago I posted here about finding the perfect dress to wear for my husband’s and mine one year wedding anniversary (20 days and counting!).  We are each wearing versions of our wedding suit and dress, so I wanted to find a dress that would somewhat resemble my wedding gown.

Well, a black and white striped dress isn’t exactly like my original Priscilla of Boston, but I think this is a pretty good version for 2010.

I first saw it at Fabrik on a girls day with a girlfriend and loved everything, fabric, color, shape, but neglected to try it on.  My rule of thumb when it comes to shopping and making impulse purchases is: don’t do it.  BUT if you can’t get the item off your mind the whole day and night, then it’s meant for you.  SO GO OUT AND BUY IT IMMEDIATELY.  And that’s what I did with this dress.  The very next day I made a special trip to try it on, and, finding it in the “Last One Left!” rack on solidified the fact that this dress was meant for me.

Small problem: it was a tiny bit to big, which meant the dress would slip right off me when walking.  Not one to let a too big size deter me from the dress of my dreams, I quickly decided I my mom could sew it up and fix it for me.   Now it’s brand new, fits like a glove, and you can’t even tell it had work done!

I’ll be debuting it on September 18, so be on the look out for outfit pics.

Styling tip: I often tend to buy things in a size that might be a little too big for me because I like the fit of the item that way.  This dress is no exception.  I loved how the bottom half of the dress flairs out in a perfect bell shape, and I knew that effect would be lost if the dress had been my actual size.  So learn to work with what you have and become best friends with your sewing machine (or in my case, butter up my momma for my sewing projects!).

This is my hubby’s new Canali tie (and him trying to get the knot “just right” about a hundred times).  He’s in love with this new store where we found amazing ties and suits more than half off in their sale section.

I think the coral pink and my black and white will make a statement no?  What color combos do you go with to make an outfit (or 2) pop?

Images courtesy of moi

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