Dream World

I had a dream that I met Rumi Neely from Fashion Toast.  I told her how she inspired me to get into fashion.  She suggested us doing a photo shoot together.

Random dream, but it is true!  When I first started reading fashion blogs, I don’t even remember how I found them, but Fashion Toast was the first one that I read and loved.  I remember sitting at my kitchen table losing track of time because I just kept clicking on “older posts.”  Eventually I read back through the very first of her blog and just loved her innovative sense of fashion, how Rumi would always wear what she loved.  I didn’t necessarily always see myself wearing what she wore, but I loved her fearless attitude and I don’t give a damn that she brought to fashion.  She’s still one of my daily must reads, so if you haven’t already, check her out!

If we ever did do a photo shoot in real life, I think it would have these vibes:

Images: Lindsey Wixson shot by Stefano Tonchi for the September issue of W, Glam Goth by Vikram Pathak, unknown – let me know if you know!, Susan Eldrige


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