Thickaliscious Honey

LtoR: Hannah, Sydney, Lauren

Hannah wearing David’s Bridal dress, gold sequined Aldo shoes (unseen); Sydney wearing Priscilla of Boston wedding dress, black satin peep toe Aldo shoes (unseen), Target earrings; Lauren wearing David’s Bridal dress, gold gladiator heels (unseen). All wearing custom-made peacock feather hair clip from Etsy.

The fashion industry is obsessed with the size issue.  Are models to thin?  Remember all the recent bans on too skinny models, everywhere from New York to Paris?  “Plus size” models such as Crystal Renn fall under criticism when they drop some weight, claiming they are to skinny to be a plus size model.  Women with curves took back the runways, think the gorgeous women Prada and Louis Vuitton sent down the catwalk for Fall 2010, hips and cleavage as prominent as the dresses.  Kate Moss editorials still sell magazines with her sharp cheek and jutting hip bones.  But what is one thing all these women have in common?  They are each undenieably beautiful and sexy.

So how does this translate to the “real word”?   Just take my two younger sisters and myself.  When we’re together there is no stopping the questions of: are you twins? who’s the oldest? who’s the youngest? Individually (and separate from each other) we look very different, but together we look so much alike that people often mistake us for each other despite our varying heights and ages.  For example, I am the oldest, but by far the shortest, thus subject to the endless short jokes.  My youngest sister is the tallest at 5’9 and of course gets the giant jokes (in a loving sibling way).  It’s a constant source of amusement for us and others.  My middle sister randomly sent me this text the other day on our different body types:

Sydney: petite. Hannah: long and lean.  Lauren: THICKALISCIOUS HONEY!

Random, funny, true.  But the one thing we do all have in common?  We’re beautiful in very different ways!  For fashion to really come to grips with the women it seeks to dress, it will have to realize that women are different sizes and shapes – different body types, different likes, different dislikes – and embrace them.

What’s your take on all the current issues on model sizes, plus size models, and the general obsession with body size and fashion?

Picture taken by J of JMayEvolution


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