Outfit Details

This past Wednesday I got to visit my best friend who currently lives across the country.  She was in town for work (photo shoots, hard work right?  love you girl!).  We snatched up a day full of girl talk, shopping, great Indian food, white zinfindel, opal rings, and coffee.  And of course a blog outfit picture.

Top Pic – Jennifer wearing Arden B. one shoulder top, Sydney wearing Greta Pollman top, thrifted necklace. Bottom pic- J with french manicure, S with OPI I’m Suzi and I’m a Chocoholic featuring TAU opal rings.

outfit in person

J and I have two totally different styles when it comes to fashion.  She leans more toward the glamor look with mini skirts, high heels, fashionable tops whereas I stick to neutrals and pieces with a downtown cool vibe to them.  We couldn’t be more complete opposites when it comes to fashion (and pretty much everything else besides protein bars, dark chocolate and wine).  How do you and your friends stack up when it comes to their different personal styles?


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