AM Blog Reading

I have a routine.  On mornings that my husband and I get to sleep in, we typically wake up around 7am or so.  Not really sleeping, but we tend to stay lazy in bed for a few hours watching Seinfeld or reading our respective blogs and news.  My favorite thing to do in these hours is lay in bed, slowly waking up, and read through my fashion blogs for the day.  I have the ones I read always, every day, and then I go through and read some of the ones I haven’t looked at in a while, or find new blogs that I might like.

Here are a few of my new finds, a good mix of fashion, art, and just fun.  Let me know what you think.

  • Daria Werbowy Gallery – I recently did a Model Fave post on Daria and got a great comment and referred to this site.  It has everything DW including magazine covers, editorials, and my personal favorites, rare candids.  Check this out if you’re interested in all things Daria and love gorgeous photos.
  • Styled On – Make a profile, attach your blog link, surf fashion, culture, and home decor.  Upload photos, comment on others, <3 them, and be featured!  A very fun interactive style site.
  • Citizen Couture – A street style blog with huge images, mini profiles on the featured fashionistas (and fashion-menistas), complete with outfit details and their blog links so you can follow those you like.  A really gorgeous layout and fun way to follow style.
  • Olsens Anonymous – A girl can’t leave out the Olsens in a blog round-up now can she??  If you don’t like to read, but love pictures that range from candid, to shopping, to Starbucks trips, to dressed out, to random, this is a great blog.  I check it (not regularly), but probably a couple of times a week just to keep up to speed with what MK and A are donning these days.

What about you?  Do you have a blog reading routine?   What are some I should check out?

Image courtesy of coucou jolie!


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