Girl’s Day Out

I’m getting ready to head out to spend the day with my best friend of 13 (going on 14!) years.  She recently moved across the country and is back in town for business (photo shoots, tough life right?).

Here’s a preview of the outfit I put together for a day of lunch, wine, shopping, and girl talk.  Full outfit pics later!

Purse, Need Supply Co.; Top, Custom Greta Pollman; Jeans, Gap; Necklace, thrifted; Watch, Timex with Blush J.Crew band; Shoes, Aldo

I think this outfit fits the criteria for a girl’s day out: casual, yet not too young looking, polished adult pieces (heels, watch, biiiig necklace), youthful with the light wash bell bottom jeans.  It took me about 10 changes to finally get all the pieces right though, a typical day in the life of me getting dressed.

What about you?  Any go to outfits for certain events?  How many tries does it take you to get the perfect look for the day?

ps. sorry for the blurry pics, I contribute them to my overuse of my iphone. a good camera is next up on our investment shopping list! (along with new computer, laptop, car, and apartment hmmmm).


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