The Gaga Effect

Yesterday I was listening to a local pop radio station that had an interview with Tim Gunn, part of the cast of Project Runway.  He was interviewed for various things, including, but not limited to his relationship with Heidi and calling the designers on the current season “crack shooters.”  The most memorable quote came, however, when the radio DJ asked Tim to predict what some of the stars would be wearing on the red carpet.  Lady Gaga came up and the host (of course) said he “admired” what she wore on the red carpet.  Gunn fired back with this retort:

I do not consider anything she wears on stage as fashion.  It’s the Ringling Brothers.

I love this!  I’ve written before about Lady Gaga here and her use of the fashion industry to get where she is, but Tim Gunn has said perfectly what I think so often when people claim Gaga as a “fashionista.”  Fashion is about being able to creatively WEAR clothes, not have the clothes wear you.  Gaga is about costumes, and she just happens to incorporate top fashion names (think of those McQueen shoes) and photographers.  But wearing labels does not, a fashionable person make.

What’s your take on Gaga, fashion vs. costume?


2 thoughts on “The Gaga Effect

  1. It’s utterly and completely a costume and I don’t understand how people could ever confuse the two.
    Is it to be considered fashion simply because she wears one every day?
    Of course not.
    Just because one has the means to have a fashion designer whip them up a costume doesn’t make it fashionable, or even stylish for that matter.
    It simply means this person is an attention whore, that’s all.
    Eventually – hopefully – she’ll have a few kids and calm down like Madonna did because I think there really is some talent there.

  2. I agree. I think people contribute it to fashion because she’s “daring” or a “risk-taker” with what she wears. When in reality, her livelihood depends on her being as over the top as possible. Fashion can be over the top yes, but more often than not, it’s something subtle that really makes someone’s style stand out. Anyway, thanks for reading!

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