Working Woman Part 2

You are now looking at (well, reading about) a gainfully employed working woman!  I am so incredibly excited and proud to be a part of Ndutime Youth and Family Services.  I should start sometime within the next three weeks as Program Director of Day Treatment (social work-y speech, I apologize), but it’s a position above the one I applied for AND I am getting to do extra work on the issue of drop-out prevention (show some excitement people!)!

Thank you everyone out there for all your thoughts, prayers, and encouragement since I started out on my whole school/life/work journey.  It’s been long and hard, but now I’m getting there (and I would just like to say a little HA to all those who claimed I would have to start at the bottom – I’m a driven, professional, perfectionist, I tend to get what I go for).

My job basically means I get to influence the lives of kids like this precious baby, Dominique.  How can I not love a job like that?

Other’s thoughts on my  job are as follows:

My father:

Dad: Great! Now we just need to figure out what you’re husband wants to do with the rest of his life.

Me: We will.

Dad: I’ll tell you what I want him to do. Go to college and become an explosions expert!  Then we can blow stuff up.

My best friend (and soul mate):

Me: omg omg omg I just got a job!!!

Her: oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COngrats!!!  What’s ur new title??

Me: Program director of day treatment!!!!

Her: Damn girl!!!!!  Ur a director???  Look at chu ;)  And you finally get health insurance!!!

My brother-in-law:

Him: Go buy a house dude!

Me: No way, my money is going to student loans, savings, and cristal!

Him: Family drinks to celebrate!

Gotta love the support of friends and family.  It’s pretty much priceless (and some of the best).

Image courtesy of NDUTIME and me circa 2008


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