Q & A – Chic by SydneyPage

It’s been quite a while since I’ve answer any styling questions that I can add to the Chic by Sydney Page section of this blog.  I’ve gotten a few in recently, so I thought I would put them all together in a little Q&A session.  As always, let me know if you have a styling question or would like a mini look book filled with ideas and recommendations for a special occasion!

Q- How do you pull off wearing a romper?

A- Good f-ing question.  I actually adore rompers and think they are the most adorable and comfortable piece of clothing I’ve ever seen.  BUT it’s been so hard for me to find one I like.   It’s been on my summer to buy list since spring and have seen many I love on girls while shopping, but have not yet gone up to ask where they found it (probably the same Forever21 I’ve been around countless times looking for the perfect romper).

At any rate, I actually recently tried on a casual black cotton romper that looked cute, with buttons down the front Henley style and racer back straps.  Not so cute on.  Even my husband agreed that it was not working for me.  I think the key to finding (and wearing) a good romper has to do with proportions, color, fabric, and print.  Since I am still on the hunt for that perfect romper here’s what I’m looking for:

  1. a super girly romper in a delicate floral print.  This way I can add layers like a vest or jacket and some chunky wooden heels to style it up a bit.
  2. a romper in sturdy fabric such as corduroy or denim that I can add the girly elements to, such as a long necklace or a cute hat.

Right now, the fabric and print seems to be my primary obstacle.  Found any rompers you love?  What do they look like?

Q- Can you show off  some outfits with your scarves?  Have you bought any new ones lately?

A– I am notorious for scarf buying.  I love them in any and all seasons and I just can’t get enough!  The last scarf I bought was actually a present from my hubby, a cute zebra striped one from World Market.  My current scarf crush comes from Anthro and looks a little like this…

And it’s gorgeous and amazingly soft.  Love.  Look for more scarf related outfits as the weather turns into fall.

Q- How do I style these shoes?  They have a peep toe, so I think they might be more for late summer/fall.  What do you think?

A- First off, these are very cute!  A girlfriend here in Richmond  got them from Ross (gotta love those discount stores that make cute shoes!!).  I love the deep purple, studs around the rim and zipper up the back.  All very on trend without being over the top.  Now, on to the questions.  Peep toes do make me think of summer, BUT these are suede booties which overrules the peep toe and makes them fall boots.  They can even be carried into winter by pairing them with dark gray or black tights.  And I’ve actually seen a lot of ankle boots being worn so far this summer, usually on nights out or paired with a summer appropriate mini.

For the clothes aspect of wearing these shoes, I would stick with neutral colors like blush pink, gray, or mustard yellow.  White and black are too stark of colors to pair with a deep purple color like this.  The boots themselves make a statement, so think of your clothes as the blank canvas.  You want them to accentuate the boots, not distract from or overpower.  Trying pair cropped skinny jeans (in dark wash or a black with pants) and a neutral top, such as the light pink or mustard.  Accessorize simply with a gun-metal necklace or cuff bracelet.  Add a girl touch with a purse, or throw on a larger flowy vest shirt.

Now, I’m off for the day and headed to lunch and shopping!  Maybe I’ll find that romper, or at least a cute scarf.

Images courtesy of WhoWhatWear, Anthropologie.


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