Hugo and Priscilla Take Two

My and my husband’s one year wedding anniversary is coming up this September.  `I can hardly believe that it has already been almost a whole year since we first said “I do” with our own special promises to each other.  Because we want to make this occasion extra special, we’ve been throwing around ideas for how we want to celebrate: spend a luxurious weekend at a hotel and spa being pampered, head out of town for a relaxing visit to a bed and breakfast, have a ritzy dinner at one of the fabulous local restaurants we have.  The possibilities are endless, but we know that for at least one occasion we will be dressing up, so the most important decision we have to make is what to wear!

One thing we want to do is wear an updated version of what we wore to our wedding.  Andrew is wearing a Hugo Boss suit (suit, shirt, tie, shoes, watch, the whole she-bang) while I donned a Priscilla of Boston gown with $30 Aldo shoes and a handmade Etsy peacock feather clip for my hair.

For our anniversary, he will wear his wedding suit “Michael Weston style” as he calls it, sans tie.  He tried it on the other night and I gotta say, I am one lucky girl.  Because his suit is so different, dark navy blue made out of a gorgeous shining material, I naturally need a rather dramatic and glamorous dress of my own if I’m going to be standing next to him.  I’m on the hunt for a dress that resembles my wedding dress —  maybe not white, but definitely something that stands out, maybe I’ll even re-wear my shoes and peacock feather.  Here are a few I’ve got my eye on from my favorite standby stores for beautiful dresses:

Strapless Twirl Dress — Need Supply Company

One Shouldered Fringe Dress — Fabrik

Vesper Shift — Anthropologie

Any ideas for something fun/crazy/relaxing we can do for our anniversary?  Where do you go when you are looking for that perfect dress for a special night?

Images courtesy of Need Supply Co., Fabrik, and Anthropologie


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