Needle in the Hay: In The Mood For Fall

The past few days, the temperature has been hitting well over the 100 degree mark, with heat advisories into the late evening.  Summer has never been one of my favorite seasons, but this unbearable heat is  making me wish for fall all the more.  This look from Sarah Jessica Parker is a great look for early fall: it it is still breezy, able to beat the heat in a swirly skirt and sleeveless vest, but it hints at fall with the mustard yellow and gray hues.  An easy way to update this look even more is to twist and loop the belt over itself instead of going with the usual belted way that SJP has done here.  It’s a look that became popular last year and made it’s way onto the runways this year.  The shoes a bit of interest with their corked heel and stripes.  Overall I love this look, it has so many different possibilities with styling, colors, and accessories.

What do you think of this look and color combo?  How would you wear the belt?

Image unknown — let me know if you know!


2 thoughts on “Needle in the Hay: In The Mood For Fall

  1. I as well like this outfit. I like the color yellow. I like how she paired it with the skirt. Not sure I could pull this off… since I have a short torso and I’m a little wider…but maybe. I think if the belt matched the spripes on the shoes it would be a nice touch too.
    I like how there is a peak of red in her undertank….adds a nice touch.

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