How To Be Fashionable In Old Age

As my 26th birthday fast approaches (ok, so it’s in October, but still, it’s 26, I have to prepare myself), I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to carry style and fashion into getting older without looking like an overage teenager.  I’ve come up with 4 key ways to make fashion “work” for you as you get more and more beautiful (never old ladies, never old).

1. Work out.  Yes, I said it.  Work out!  This doesn’t mean you have to be stick skinny or toned like the lady who’s a body builder at your gym, but it does mean you have to take care of yourself.  I feel 20xs better after I work out (to Ace of Base of course) even if it’s a 20 minute run and a little bit of weights.  Feeling confident in yourself and your body is the fast way to feel confident about what you wear!

Karlie Kloss for Vogue China. Athletics and catwalks hot for Spring 2010.

2. Work for.  Good clothes and great finds don’t come easy.  You gotta find a thrift store you love and hunt for those bargain sales.  The best and most loved clothes I have in my closet came not from spending hundreds of dollars, but from finding a vintage item at a thrift store or scoring an awesome dress on sale at Target.

Jane of Sea of Shoe’s Goodwill find.

3. Work toward.  BUT not everything can be found at a thrift store or on sale.  Sometimes there are those items that are timeless and thus become instant classics.  Those are the ones you should work for and invest in.  Believe me, they are worth it.

Vintage Burberry Trench Coat. Timeless then, classic now.

4. Work it! Grab a trend and make it yours.  Who says you can’t wear the new Prada day glow sunglasses??  Just don’t pair them with jeggings and a tunic top and you’ve got fashion even at the fabulous age of 26.

Prada Day Glo glasses: trendy yet sophisticated.

How do you plan to stay fashionable as you approach the golden years of life?

Images courtesy of Fashion Heroines, Sea of Shoesthe selvedgeyard,


One thought on “How To Be Fashionable In Old Age

  1. All I know is to steer away from the old lady section/ but also try my best to pass the teen-bobber section…. Its hard cause I see all the things that I wish I coulda sported when I was 15/16…….but….oh well. Dang…. here I am thinking… wow she’s 25…. but then I remembered.. crap… im 23. Gosh that jus sounds so weird..



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