1st Paycheck: Bills vs. Balenciaga

I had another job interview today for a nonprofit human service organization.  The thing I hate most about the post-interview is the huge amount of second guessing and “I could have done this better” and “Maybe I should have said this” and “Was my salary range too low” that goes on once you leave, at least for me anyway.  I will hear back by Monday to find out if I am called for a second interview.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

While I may or may not get this job, I do know how I plan to spend my first paycheck.  See,  I have an obsession with watching items on eBay.  I don’t actually ever buy these items, I just watch them and dream of one day buying them.  My ultimate dream, and promise I’ve made to myself, is to eBay a Balenciaga motorcycle bag with the first paycheck from my first official job.  I want one of these bags so much I accidently almost bought one for $500 (not too expensive considering, but way expensive considering I definitely did not have $500 at that point in time).  I bid, not thinking I would win, won, freaked out, changed my mind, emailed the seller, and forever regretted not actually purchasing the beautiful turquoise Balenciaga.  See, I even saved a picture of it:

Gorgeous no?  Here are some of the current eBay bags I am craving.  Lets hope I get this job!

What is your dream purchase?  Did you have your heart set on a congratulatory gift for yourself when you landed your first job?

All images courtesy of eBay


2 thoughts on “1st Paycheck: Bills vs. Balenciaga

  1. I guess it just shows how un-fashionably knowledgeable I am, because I have neer heard of this bag your talking about. I’m so broke, I honestly just got used to mixing and matching the clothes in my closet… some that I’ve had since high school. Anyways. off subject.
    But on subject: super cute bags!


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