Closet Woes

Every so often I see pictures of someone’s closet and I am immediately struck with closet envy.  I long for a huge walk in closet, with shelves, and space for wooden hangers.  Where my shoes can breath and my purses can have free range.  That however, is not the state of my current closet.

It’s a wreck I know!  But filled with all the clothes I love.

Top half of my over the door shoe hanger.  A lot of others are in shoe boxes on the top of my closet or in a basket underneath the hanging clothes.  Obviously I do not have enough room for my shoes as these are double stacked and I’ve resorted to hanging pairs off by the pockets.

Bottom half of shoes.  The gold shiny pair in between my black satin wedding shoes and banana yellow wooden heeled pair are Carlos Santana.  The man does more than just play guitar!

Keep in mind I also share this closet with a man who’s love of clothes almost rivals mine.  And his side is quickly creeping up and stealing my clothes’ space (not that I don’t have a whole extra dresser drawer full dedicated to my clothes, but shhhh).

My closet clearly needs some organizational help, and I’ve drawn inspiration from other bloggers, like Kelly at The Glamourai who posted about Real Simple hangers.  I’m obsessed with them and bug my husband every day about buying some.   You can double, triple, or even quadruple hang clothes all on one hanger!  I’m telling you, these are about to change my life.  Any other suggestions for organizing this crazy mess?  We just have so little space right now,  but a girl can always dream of house sized closets right?


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