The New McQueen

Apparently this season, resort shows have captured my attention.  Usually I don’t typically respond much to flicking through the season’s shows, preferring to see them come to life through editorials or, well, real (albeit rich) people.  The Row’s line captured my attention here and this time I’ve been caught up in the McQueen resort line.

Style’s review of the resort show can be read here, and it perfectly sums up everything I’ve thought since Sarah Burton took the reigns.  She’s perfect for it.  The line effortlessly contains references to McQueen’s iconic designs of glamour, darkness, drama, and edge, while clearly updating the look to a more wearable form with an undeniable woman’s touch.  Every look is absolutely stunning and they get better and better with each new design.  Completely wearable, completely new, but totally McQueen.  Let’s do a little comparison shall we?  On the left are the looks that are the throwbacks to the Old McQueen, and on the right are Sarah’s interpretations of the new McQueen.

The Lace Dress

The Iconic Fabric

The Dramatic Dress

The Suit

The Evening Wear

What do you think about Sarah Burton and her new role with McQueen’s designs?  It’s easy to see how she’s kept so many elements of what makes an Alexander McQueen item an Alexander McQueen, but at the same time she’s brought a refreshed life to the designs.   I think she’s done a fantastic job and (I can’t believe I’m typing this) I actually look forward to flicking through another series of still photos on just to see what she comes up with!

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