Global Vogue

All I’ve wanted to wear recently are clothes, colors, jewels, and other touches inspired from around the globe, especially India.  I have always loved their food (I can eat whole plates of naan and bowls of kheer), but it’s only been recently that the fabrics, colors, and gorgeous detailing of their clothes has inspired me to incorporate my own Indian twist into my wardrobe and styling.

Bloggers Kelly from The Glamourai and Lindsey at Saucy Glossie both have put a great mix of global glamour into their daily wardrobes and Lindsey constantly serves up great images that serve as her inspiration and dresses according to her global fantasy of the day (spice market, safari, etc).  This is such an easy way to add unexpected yet easy pieces into your own wardrobe.  Here is a way I did it and a recent thrifted find.

Whenever I think global fashion, I always veer toward gold.  Something about gold just screams riches and sophistication.  For this otherwise casual outfit (grey sheer t, jeans, green snake skin gladiators), I paired a gold J.Crew gem stone necklace with a very global looking gold elephant necklace.  The elephant necklace I actually got from my grandmother, whose house is a treasure trove of jewels from her traveling days: India, Thailand, Holland, Israel, Panama, Spain, England, and the list goes on (and on and on, believe me).  The two gold necklaces looked gorgeous together and the elephant instantly gave me a global flair.

I found this orange gem over the weekend during a trip to Goodwill with my mom.  I had just given up on finding anything even remotely interesting when I spotted this flash of orange among the old wedding dresses and 2-piece suits.

The embellishments on the jacket drew me in and as soon as I tried it on, I knew it had to go home with me.  The fact that it came with a skirt and scarf just  made the find all the better.  I think the jacket would look perfect paired with dark jeans and something as simple as a white tank.  I plan on wearing it out to dinner this week on date night with my husband, so be on the look out for how I end up styling it.  Of course I’m dying to figure out a way to wear the mid-calf orange skirt in a modern way.  Any suggestions?  What recent global touches have you added to your wardrobe lately?

Vogue India picture found here/other pics, snapped via iphone


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