To: Mrs. Lester From: A

I am a girl that loves getting presents.  And by love I mean absolutely 100% adore it when someone buys me something.  So when my husband told me he ordered a surprise for me, I was beyond thrilled and launched into my immediate little girl demands of “What is it? When do I get it??”

Today it came!  My husband had ordered a set of Illume candles that I love so much (see here).  It was like Christmas all over…

I first fell in love with these candles when I found them in a small boutique in Richmond.  They smelled heavenly and were gorgeous looking to boot.  I had the candles for three years before I relented enough to burn them.  He had ordered three candles for me in the most delicious sounding flavors scents: lemon grass, yuzu mint, and blue ginger.

And as a double surprise he even include a sweet note!  And (being the present loving girl I am), I got two small freebie tins, one in lemon grass and the other in the “hers” flavor.

I just couldn’t help it.  I know how much you love them.  Sorry I didn’t let you pick…then it wouldn’t have been a surprise.  I love you.  Enjoy.  ;- ) A

These candles would make beautiful hostess, house warming, or wedding gifts.  I gave a few to my best girlfriend to christen her new apartment.  They have so many colors and are perfect for outfitting any bedroom or office.  Plus they smell amazing even without being burnt (one of the reasons I could hang on to them so long!)  Any particular candles (or other decorating accents) you’ve fallen for lately?

Illume candles can be ordered here (and no I don’t get paid to advertise for them in anyway, I just like passing on a beautiful find!)


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