Dress to Impress

Today I have a follow-up interview for the job of my dreams *insert jumping up and down and screaming* and no it’s not in fashion (although I could settle for that).  It is actually with a nonprofit that works with underserved middle school youth to give them advance academic opportunities in order to place them in college prepatory high schools.  The organization has been doing this for over 33 years now and are bringing a new center to my city.  I’m lobbying hard to be their next Director of Site Operations.

Of course to land this job I’ve spent equal time pouring over their website and picking out the perfect outfit.  I went on an extreme shoe hunt, figuring that my patent leather, pointy shoes were more appropriate for the club than an interview.  I eventually found an amazing pair of Jessica Simpson black patent pumps that look both fashionable and professional.  And a steal in a sale for $20!

Maybe you write Jessica off as just one of those blondes (tuna or chicken?), but I’ve got to give it to the girl, she has some great shoes.  Here are a few other JS shoes I’m loving at the moment.

All shoes images courtesy of the Jessica Simpson Collection


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