Resort 2011: The Row

I don’t usually review fashion shows, not to say I don’t love them, but because it can be somewhat tedious flicking through still images of  models wearing clothes, usually in frowning statue-esque poses.  I just like clothes with action to them, interpreted by the movement of a runway or coming to life through a model in an editorial.

But I do occasionally flick through the shows and today the Olsen’s luxury line, The Row, caught my eye.  When The Row was first established in 2007 it was billed as a line designed for sophisticated, modern women.  It built upon designing the perfect t-shirt to creating casual but elegant basics.  It’s since expanded to include men’s wear and accessories.  The newest collection, Resort 2011, fits in with their desire to create simple clothes with clean lines.  But for whatever reason, I just didn’t want to wear much of it.

These are a few of my favorite pieces:

And not so favorite:

And finally after flicking through the slides a few more times, some pieces with potential that emerged:

It seems that after looking through the collection a few times I found more potential and wearability in the pieces.  But it didn’t necessarily wow me at first.  and I  can’t fall in love with a collection purely because it has the Olsen name.   I could see taking some of the pieces from resort 2011 and cutting them, experimenting, and making them more wearable for me.  Maybe that’s what was intended.  After all, that is what seems to mean fashion for Mary Kate and Ashley.

What are your thoughts on the latest by The Row?


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