I Love (to spoil) Surprises

I have never been a light packer, so when my husband announced a surprise weekend trip I immediately tried to get the surprise out of him by telling him I had no idea what to pack for said surprise and if I didn’t then I would just have to bring the biggest possible suitcase.  This is where things got interesting.  He told me to pack everything in…a book bag.  And to pack…tennis shoes.  And to wear only jeans and a t-shirt, maybe a bathing suit.  Where pray tell are we taking me where I can only have a book bag for clothes (not to mention hair products, shower stuff, magazines, books, and all my other travel essentials???)!

I love surprises and presents (probably a character flaw in there somewhere), but I just can’t help it!  So when he announced this trip, I was of course delighted.  I wondered for days where we were going:  To the beach where we spent our honeymoon?  He did say beach chairs… No too far away.  To a hotel?  He said I could have breakfast in bed… Camping? No supplies.  To a city we both love?  No, too expensive.

This morning he eventually broke down and spoiled told my surprise — we were going camping!  He had rented a tent, found a location, gotten supplies, all I had to do was pick him up for work and off we go.  It may come as a slight surprise that I am super excited about this, but I actually grew up playing with the boys in my neighborhood: army toys, tree forts, mud fights, and running races.  I also grew up camping and tubing with my family and have gone hiking in the Arizona desert.  I love the outdoors, getting dirty, and playing with the guys.   All though it would be nice to do it in one of these outfits…

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Images: Yves Saint Laurent ,French Vogue, August 1968/Ralph Lauren New York Fashion Week 08/Michael Kors, Spring 08/Ralph Lauren New York Fashion Week 08


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