Always Fabulous


My best friend of 13 years is moving across the country in a week and I’m going to visit her this weekend for one last best friend, martini, hookah, and Indian food infused weekend.  We’ve had too many good memories to count including (but definitely not limited too) club hopping, driving the wrong way down a one way street, paying a taxi to let us follow him to a club, cheap wine glasses, dates gone bad, girl’s nights, a bachelorette party that culminated in asking an Irish pub to play Jay Z, photo shoots in a playground with a giant hand and in a wedding dress by the canal, chocolate chip pancakes at 2 am, break ups, new apartments, countless alcohol related gifts, Will and Grace The Nanny Sex and the City and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, spending way to much money on shopping sprees, writing quotes on napkins, getting recognized at Indian and French restaurants for our frequent visits, and infamous self-portraits (me on the left, J on the right).


Here’s to being always fabulous no matter what state we live in (and how pink your cowgirl boots get)!


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