The Carrie Jacket

The other night I watched the Sex and the City movie with J and H, my best friend and little sister.  They were in town for my graduate school graduation and so of course we did worked in a photo shoot, details here.

Of all the clothes Carrie wears in that movie, the jacket that I LOVED was the white jacket covered in tulle flowers that she wears when she goes to the hospital to see Charlotte.  Something about how over the top the jacket was while being deceptively simple struck me.  I also loved that she wore this insane outfit to a hospital.  When most people don their ugly jeans and sneakers, Carrie grabs a white silk dress and flower tulle jacket.

Needless to say when I say when I saw this jacket on clearance at H&M:

I fell in love with what I felt was my very own “Carrie Jacket.”

Sequins – check.

Zip up front – check.

Great roomy fit (ok, so it’s technically 8 sizes to big) – check.

Something Carrie would wear to do laundry – check.

On sale for $10 – check!

In my rating system, 5 checks is like 5 stars.  Which of course means the item of clothing is practically perfect.  I am actually wearing the jacket now, in nude wedges, light wash wide leg jeans (my husband calls them bell bottoms and hideous), and a v-neck white t-shirt.  And I’m not about to hit the club in my sequined jacket either, I’m sitting on the edge of the bed, typing this post, having a very mundane day, but dressed to the nines.  Very Carrie-esque I must say.

Image found here


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