Needle in the Hay: Aussie Style

I love finding new designers or clothing lines that are relatively unheard of, or at least off the beaten path.  Since high school I’ve been that way with music, or books, or clothes.  Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot Australian fashion and designers gaining ground in the fashion world.  Everyone from Rumi at Fashion Toast to Refinery 29 is talking about the surge in Aussie fashion and creativity.

This week’s Needle in the Hay, where I take a closer look at an inspirational street style photo to see what makes the outfit work, features a model from the land down under.  According to the website, Alexandra K is modeling in NYC but is originally from Australia, something that could almost be assumed from her great personal style.

What drew me to this look was the huge floppy hat, an item on my must have for summer list.  Her unique Converses and torn jeans add an element of casual, but the layered vest with long sleeve ruffled T topped with a belt complete a fashion inspired look.  I’m loving the layered look with a belt.  If you switch up the jeans and sneakers, this look could easily translate into work attire or a brunch with the girls.

If you could take one thing from this girl’s look to incorporate into your own wardrobe, what would it be?

Image courtesy of beautiful stranger


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