Wedding Dress: MIA

A few weeks ago I took my wedding dress to be cleaned, preserved, and boxed up (finally).  Apparently I’ve built quite a rapport with the women who runs the shop because upon walking in she exclaimed, “Oohh you are Lester, S!  You used to bring in your husbands expensive suits!  You brought your wedding dress. Gorgeous!  You can pick it up in 2 weeks.”

Three weeks later and three stops in one week into to the cleaners…They aren’t sure where my dress is.  Now to be fair, the owner is out-of-town and the daughter is running the shop.  But do they realize this was a $3,000 Priscilla of Boston dream dress?  Even my best friend tried to stop me from spending that much money on it (and trust me, she is usually encouraging the spending of much money).  But let’s face it, the dress is fabulous (she agrees).  I’m not the type of girl who had her wedding planned out since she was 5, but I do love clothes and when I saw this dress I fell in love.  So let’s just hope by week 4 someone knows where this dress is!

I loved this dress because it felt like it was made for me.  It was simple, but had a subtle so very elegant pattern in it.  It even had a somewhat small train that hinted at a traditional wedding feel (no veil, to the disappointment of my mother).

If you could pick one designer to do your dream dress what would it be?

Vera Wang


Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang, and Carolina Herrera

What is your dream wedding dress?  Do you already have colors, styles, and shoes picked out?  And if anyone knows of a good dry cleaners… let me know. I may be looking for one.

Table top image taken by J of jmayevolution. Other images courtesy of The Cut, WDD, and The Fashion Spot.


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