My Hair Stylist Hates Me

Not true, but she will… because I just had to dye my own hair in order to book a hair cut with her.  Allow me to explain.  The last time I saw her was right before my wedding last September where she cut and dyed my hair a deep gorgeous chocolate brown.  In the mean time, since the chocolate faded, I’ve switched to self dying it “soft black” at the urging of my husband.

I’ve since realized that I also need a hair cut desperately.  I’ve been thinking of long lush layers like Jennie Garth in What I Like About You (best TV show of all time).

The problem with simply  booking a hair cut?  My roots were in complete disarray.  I couldn’t let her see my roots like this (and it doesn’t occur to me to let her dye my hair) so I went out and bought hair dye to dye my hair so I could get it cut.

Don’t ask.  But thank God for people who say I get this vibe with my soft black hair.  Hopefully now she just won’t say anything about the color job while she snips away.


6 thoughts on “My Hair Stylist Hates Me

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  2. i’m likin the soft black :) and at least you didn’t dye it bright red until it started to fall out in chunks….that took some explaining back at the salon lol

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