Upgrades and updates

About section: updated – check

Personal styling: new title – check

New header – check

New layout – check

Updated and expanding link section – check

New attitude, more life, more posts (yay) – check

Reason for the overhaul?  Boredom.  I’m the type of girl who checks her email at every other stop light and reads blogs in traffic.  I get bored very easily and I realized that my blog was more “fashiony-blog-let’s have commentary and post pretty pictures” than it was ME.  I like to think I posted some good articles and more than a few pretty pictures, but in short I was just getting bored with the whole thing.  It felt too much like work.  And in the midst of graduate school and future job searches, work I did not feel like doing.

So.  Upgrades and overhauls!  I think I’ve done a good job in getting rid of boring fixing small details and figuring out what I want to post about and what I want this blog to be.  I will be posting more frequently and probably less length-ily (who wants to read a long and rambling fashion related post anyway??)  Look for more personal pictures of my life, photo shoots, styling projects, adventures, trips, and the like.  Here’s to a site I love!


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