Sudden Craves

1. Feed Guatemala bags purchased here.  UNICEF donates a certain percentage of each bag purchased toward providing food for people in Guatemala.  These bags are perfect for the gym, running errands, and buying groceries.  Stylish AND for a great cause.

2. Illume candles.  I originally found these amazing smelling and beautiful candles in a small boutique in Carytown.  $75 later I had three of my coveted candles.  Sadly the store went out of business a few years ago and I have since staunchly refused to burn them, insisting they smell just as good sitting on the dresser until my husband googled them.  What do you know?  They have a website!  Another $50 later and we are in love (and actually burn our candles).

3. Greta Pollman top. A unique Etsy find with absolutely gorgeous designs.  She is custom making me this top in a light gray and I cannot wait.

4.  Anthropologie lingerie set.  Black. Lace. Sexy. What’s not to love?  Hit up the clearance section for just as beautiful sets at budget friendly prices.


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