Deliberation Continued

I wrote yesterday about monochromatic dressing being one of the most fashionable statements because it is deliberate.  You simply cannot get dressed in one head to toe color without putting some thought into it.  And it, usually, comes out looking fashion forward without being over the top.  I decided then, that the idea of fashion as a deliberate art form is something worth exploring.

Today is part 2 of my mini Deliberation Series.  Question: Why does fashion have to be deliberate?  It can’t just be buying a matching outfit from Gap or even Prada.  The label doesn’t make it a fashion choice.  The deliberation here is a decision to make an outfit your own.  Prime example: Carrie from Sex and the City.  No one casually throws on a pink and white stripped button down with white vest and black tie.

When I get dressed in the morning, you will find a mix of different labels.  My jeans might be H&M, a top from Gap, boots from Aldo.  BUT one thing I can guarantee is that at least one item will have come from a thrift store, vintage, or my grandmother.  I usually call these my “ugly” items…. something that is absolutely unique to ME.  I can rest assured then that my outfit, no matter what label the pieces are, is fashionable because it cannot be replicated.  And, in getting dressed, I deliberately choose to incorporate an unexpected or vintage item.

Take this morning for example.   Ordinary dark skinny jeans, H&M. Navy blue v-neck top, American Apparel. Grey cargo jacket, Old Navy.  So far so good… but ordinary.  What’s a girl to do?  Find my favorite pair of fringed coral sandals of course!  Why these sandals?  1. They are rather ugly unique.  I mean, they have suede.  With fringe. 2. They added a necessary bit of color to an otherwise monochromatic outfit.  And 3. They are casual, but with the added color and details of the sandals, they take a super casual errand running outfit into the fashion realm.

The beauty of it all?  It was a deliberate choice.  I could have reached for the stand by reefs (reserved for the pool I swear).  But it would have been an automatic brainless choice.  Thinking through sandals (with fringe and a color no wear else in my outfit) took thought.  And even though the rest of my outfit could have been bought by someone else, I am pretty confident not everyone would love my sandals.  Which is why I love them to death and wear them proudly (and of course, deliberately).

What do you do deliberately to set your outfit out from those around you?

Image courtesy of cheapchicdaily and she knows.


One thought on “Deliberation Continued

  1. I put on homemade jewelry (I like to call myself a photographer, so I have a little necklace in the shape of a camera), because I know that people will ask about it and nobody else will be able to find it anywhere.

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