Needle in the Hay: Deliberate

I recently picked up a copy of The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell, author of Sex and the City because, well, it’s the Sex and the City prequel, starring Carrie as a high school student and because I’m a sucker for reading about girls, fashion, high society and the back stabbing that comes with it.  One of my favorite quotes in the book comes after Carrie has reconstructed a ruined handbag:

I turn it over, pleased. It really is kind of cool. “If it’s deliberate,” I tell her, with sudden realization, “it’s fashion.”

I love that line because it really just gives a girl (or guy) so much freedom in styling her own wardrobe.  If you like something, no matter how crazy or weird it seems, if you style it with confidence and do it on purpose, it can be fashion!

That’s why this monochromatic picture screams ultimately fashionable to me.  There is no way you can put on an outfit with gray pants, gray shirt, gray scarf, and even gray socks for pete’s sake without it being a deliberate act.  And it works SO well.  It’s a strong but casual fashion statement.

Have you ever worn a monochromatic outfit?  If so, what color?  What were people’s reactions?

Quote courtesy of The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell (2010). Image unknown.


One thought on “Needle in the Hay: Deliberate

  1. I wear monochromatic outfits on a regular basis. Usually they’re gray or black, but if I’m in a mood I’ll do sage green or dark blue (as in, denim-centric).

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